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Editing decisions / To Do

Published onMay 10, 2021
Editing decisions / To Do
  • DEI vs. antiracism

  • Replace Global North/South with low, lower-middle, upper-middle and high income countries.

  • Consistency in how we refer to names of people

  • Duplicated references—consolidate

  • There’s a lot of heavy copy editing that needs to happen throughout. I don’t know if readers are supposed to conform to a house style or if that’s happening later, but someone will need to go through the whole thing can standardize things like how quotes are style (e.g., are quotes italicized or in roman? do headings use headline capitalization or sentence capitalization? etc.).

  • Header formatting

  • Plaigiarism checklist—ithenticate $300

    • How to create an antiracist corporate culture—SHRM

  • Heavy text reuse: where we’re taking chunks of texts, refer back to original to make sure we are quoting where appropriate—THI S IS CRITICAL

  • Hyperlinks where citations appear—remove?

  • British spellings to U.S. spellings

  • We need to write a conclusion

  • Organizational relevance section—do we want to include the financial benefit to orgs?

  • We need something on paid internships

To Do

  • Add CC-BY license info

  • Damita contacting Erin Landis about illustrations
    Illustrations to be received NLT June 15

  • Damita contacting Melanie about ithenticate
    Melanie’s response: Crossref is going to let us use their account. Just send the file to Ed Pentz [email protected] when you are ready and he’ll upload it and send you the report. When the file is ready, I’ll send it over to Ed. (DS)

  • Jocelyn emailing group about copy editor, permissions, do not edit, etc.

  • Damita to set up call with David, Bill, Laura, Gabe, Dawit, Jocelyn, Brenna

  • Jocelyn and Damita to review comments in draft document

  • Quote requested from Melanie on paid vs unpaid internships

  • May 29: Reader Draft run through free plagiarism checker (; it’s in very good shape (one flag higher than 10% which is a best practice); flag noted in document

  • RESOURCES document being updated: Dawit, Damita and KFG Intern (name?), possible GWU students


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