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PubPub ➡ Start Here

General info about PubPub for new users + Connections to additional help resources.

Published onFeb 25, 2021
PubPub ➡ Start Here

PubPub’s Mission

As part of the Knowledge Futures Group, we’re committed to making PubPub open and easily accessible to a wide range of groups. That means we’re committed to providing a free version of PubPub forever, releasing open-source code, and operating under non-profit, sustainable, researcher-friendly business models. Visit our About page for more on our mission.

Key Features

Collaborative Editing

View and retrieve previous drafts

Draft documents using the WSYWIG Pub Editor or import text from multiple file types

Embed interactive content, like data visualizations, videos, podcasts, surveys, and tweets

Publication Process Overview (simplified)

PubPub’s Help Community! contains documentation to help users understand, use, and reference PubPub’s features, as well as to learn more about how we and others are using the platform.

A selection of helpful pubs specific to the Toolkits for Equity volunteers are listed below as Connections. Need specific support? Join the TFO Office Hours or Email me: [email protected].

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A Supplement to this Pub
How KFG uses PubPub as an Alternative to Google Docs
How KFG uses PubPub as an Alternative to Google Docs

Presented during the Open Publishing Fest, this document walks through how the KFG team uses PubPub internally in the event that the tool might solve content creation, organization, and dissemination problems for others teams or individuals.

A Supplement to this Pub
A Supplement to this Pub
A Supplement to this Pub
Dawit Tegbaru:

Use the Media function to upload files and embed interactive content.