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Further Guidance and Support

Published onSep 12, 2022
Further Guidance and Support

Self Care

Texas A&M University, School of Law, 

Black Equity Index (BEI)

The Black Equity Index (BEI) is a new initiative for organizations to advance, and measure progress toward racial equity in the workplace. Informed by DE&I practitioners, the new set of standards harnesses the power of data to create opportunity for Black professionals. Designed to drive systemic, sustainable change, this independent and credible benchmark provides greater accountability for companies and their leaders, allowing organizations to track progress and improve their practices year after year.

Self-care is a political act and always has been (

Many in U.S. face mental health issues as COVID-19 enters year two | Pew Research Center

Self-Care Is a Radical Act, But Not in the Way, We’re Practicing It (

'The Unbearable Whiteness of Publishing' Revisited (
Use the graphic from this for the post.

Racial Stress and Self-care: Parent Tip Tool

RESilience -- Uplifting Youth Through Healthy Communication About Race

Reading and RES: Parent Tip Tool -- Choosing and Using Books to Discuss Race and Ethnicity

Resources for Self-Care | Anti-Racism Resources (

Scholarly Kitchen series on the concept of diversity tax

Free emotional wellbeing resources

Perceived health and financial threats and childcare difficulty are associated with higher levels of psychological distress | Pew Research Center

List of unionized university presses

Last updated 6/23/22. This table was created by the AUPresses Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Committee. Please note that several of these unions cover a broader group than just Press staff, and some unions only include certain groups of Press staff members.




Athabasca University Press

Athabasca University Faculty Association / Alberta Union of Public Employees /

Duke Univ. Press

DUP Workers Union

Harvard Univ. Press

Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers

Oxford Univ. Press

Oxford University Press Union

Marine Corps University Press

American Federation of Government Employees

Michigan Publishing

Lecturers’ Employee Organization-Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Michigan State Univ. Press

MSU Administrative Professionals Association

NYU Press

Union of Clerical, Administrative and Technical Staff at NYU

San Diego State Univ. Press

California Faculty Association

Temple University Press

Temple Association of University Professionals

Univ. of Alberta Press

Non-Academic Staff Association / Association of Academic Staff /

Univ. of California Press

University Professional and Technical Employees, CWA 9119

Univ. of Georgia Press

United Campus Workers of Georgia

Univ. of Hawaiʻi Press

Hawaii Government Employees Association

Univ. of Massachusetts Press

Professional Staff Union of the University of Massachusetts  |  University Staff Association  |

Univ. of Washington Press

UW Libraries Union

Univ. of Wisconsin Press

United Faculty & Academic Staff

Univ. Press of Florida

United Campus Workers

Wayne State Univ. Press

UAW Professional and Administrative Union  |  UAW Staff Association

Yale Univ. Press

The Union of Clerical & Technical Workers at Yale

Univ. of Texas Press

Texas State Employees Union

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