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About Us

Published onMay 19, 2023
About Us


  • We commit to initiating meaningful change by serving as a leading resource within the scholarly publishing community.

  • We courageously promote awareness and achieve visibility, belonging and success for our members with any manner of disability

  • We provide opportunities for networking, engagement and mentorship among employers, allies, managers and colleagues with a commitment to making the industry more welcoming for our members with any manner of disability


  • We provide actionable support for employers, allies, managers and colleagues within scholarly publishing to engage in conversations surrounding the various types of disability and accessibility needs within an organization

  • We provide suggestions for proactively identifying and/or addressing potential hidden needs and creating a community of acceptance

Toolkit for Disability Equity Members

Steering Committee

Katy Alexander, The Remakablz

Kimberly Gladfelter Graham, NISO

Simon Holt, Elsevier

Sylvia Izzo Hunter, Wiley

Erin Osborne-Martin, Wiley

Matthew Salter, Akabana Consulting

Stacy Scott, Taylor & Francis

Karen Stoll Farrell, Indiana University

Full Committee

Talea Anderson, Washington State University

Lisa Braverman, American Society for Radiation Oncology

Melody Herr, University of Arkansas

Kathleen Jagodnik, Bar Ilan University

Shalinthia Miles-Smith, Shalinthia Miles-Smith Co.

Bonnie Ponce, Mathematical Association of America

Miguel Ramos, SPIE

Jennifer Erica Sweda, Merck via Aquent Studios

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