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Contributors and Participants

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Published onAug 25, 2021
Contributors and Participants

Axelle Ahanhanzo, Elsevier

Elizabeth Ault, Duke University Press

Avtar Banse, Elsevier

Linda Bathgate, Washington State University Press

Elizabeth Beltramini, Association of College Unions International

Gabrielle Bethancourt-Hughes, George Washington University

Gwendolyn Blue, American Society of Civil Engineers

Phillip Bogdan, Research Square Company

Ellen C. Bush, University of North Carolina Press

Khalfani Cargill, Knowledge Futures Group

Amanda Clark, George Washington University

David Congdon, University Press of Kansas

Jocelyn Dawson, Duke University Press

Matisen Douglas, George Washington University

Beth Fuget, University of Washington Press

Christine Gendy, George Washington University

Sarah Godlin, George Washington University

Corrine Gosling, George Washington University

Jade Grogan, Bloomsbury Academic

Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen, Silverchair

Gabe Harp

Christie Henry, Princeton University Press

Maxine Herman-Oakley, Elsevier

Erin Landis, American Gastroenterological Association

Kiarah Lee, George Washington University

Arielle Lewis, George Washington University

Babe Liberman, Digital Promise

Wendy Lochner, Columbia University Press

Sunni Losito, MSMI, American Gastroenterological Association

Cason Lynley, Duke University Press

Sadie Markley, George Washington University

Brenna McLaughlin, Association of University Presses

Olivia Mills, George Washington University

Vanessa Morris, Elsevier

Laura Niven, Annual Reviews

Abby Norton, George Washington University

Elliott Parris, Elsevier

Penny Penic, Jones Lang LaSalle

Karen Phillips, SAGE Publishing

Eva Podgoršek, Elsevier

Stephanie L. Pollock, American Psychological Association

Mark A. Puente, Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies

Sarah Ritchie, Wiley

Lily Rodriguez, Wiley

Bill Rowan, National Asphalt Pavement Association

Diana Samuel, The Lancet

Kim Shankle, American Society for Microbiology

Graham Smith, Springer Nature

Damita Snow, CAE, American Society of Civil Engineers

Madelene Sutton, AIP Publishing

Dawit Tegbaru, Knowledge Futures Group

Jamaal Thompson, Panorama Education

Randy Townsend, MPS, American Geophysical Union and George Washington University

Ambriah Underwood, George Washington University

Erin Valentine, J&J Editorial

Elizabeth Von Mann, George Washington University

Jeri Wachter, Independent Producer/Consultant

John W. Warren, George Washington University

Sarah Williamson, MA, American Gastroenterological Association

Emily Zoss, National Gallery of Art

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