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Table of Contents

Published onAug 25, 2021
Table of Contents


From Diversity to Antiracism

From Performative Activism to Sustained Actions

Prioritizing Equity

Global Application

Antiracist Business Strategies

The Path to Becoming an Antiracist Organization

Taking Action

Crafting a DEI Statement

Budgeting for DEI Work

Creating Structure to Support DEI Work

The Importance of Embedding DEI Efforts

Antiracist Recruitment and Hiring Practices

Interviewing Candidates Virtually

Paid Internships

Employee Resource Groups/Affinity Groups

Mentorship, Reverse Mentorship, and Sponsorship Programs

Reverse Mentorship Programs

Employee Progression and Retention

Providing Staff Equity Training

Addressing Microaggressions

Fostering Antiracism in a Distributed Workforce Environment

Assigning Work: Glamour Work and Office Support Work

Making Performance Evaluations Equitable

Employee Development Plans


Stumbling Forward, Missteps, and Apologies: What to Do When You Get It Wrong

Using Measurement and Metrics

Planning an Assessment

Completing an Assessment

Managing the Assessment

Getting Started

Pay Equity Audit

Combatting “Vocational Awe”

Power Mapping

Organizational Readiness

Ongoing Measurement and Sustainability

Supporting BIPOC Staff

Avoiding BIPOC Burnout and Overburdening

Onboarding BIPOC Employees

The Impact of Code Switching

Authenticity at Work: Advice for BIPOC

The Importance of Intersectionality


Organizational Climate and Culture

Defining Organizational Culture

Organizational Climate

Company Culture, Antiracism, and DEI

Overcoming Obstacles




Antiracism, Additional Tools

Benchmarks in Publishing, Libraries, and Media

Comparative Resources in Other Industries

General Awareness

Guidance for Assessment and Action

Inclusive Language Guides, Diverse Images, and Integration

Mentorship and Sponsorship

Places to Connect and Learn

Scholarly Publishing

Training Tools and Information

Work on All Levels


Appendix 1: Chronology of White Supremacy

Appendix 2: Sample Equity and Inclusion Group Programming

Appendix 3: Sample List of Affinity and Inclusivity Groups within Our Industry

Appendix 4: Recommended Racial Equity Training Organizations

Contributors and Participants


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